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Treesafe Australia is an established and qualified provider of Tree Services on the Sunshine Coast.

We cover the entire Coast from Noosa to Caloundra.  We use the latest, safest tools and equipment to perform any tree-related work that you need carrying out. Best of all we operate a free, no obligation policy so that we are able to provide you with a quote at absolutely no cost to yourself and offer you some advice about the services we think you need.

To talk to a professional Arborist about your tree or shrubs simply contact us using the information shown. At Treesafe, we can guarantee your tree will be in safe hands!

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Our Services - Expert, Customised, Friendly Advice

Sunshine Coast Tree Services

If you are worried or concerned about overgrown trees, or if you are renovating your land and want to improve the appearance of your gardens then hire Treesafe. We can prune to perfection but if you don't want to take our word for us, just ask to see some images of our previous work. If you are worried that your trees are becoming a nuisance to your neighbours then why not hire a team of experts to trim them down. Treesafe have years of experience pruning trees without endangering anyones property or safety.

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If you would like to talk to us about our rates then please do not hesitate to get in touch. The team at Treesafe are highly skilled Aborists and trained to handle all of your enquiries. We can explain a little more about ourselves and arrange a time to meet with you if you would like for us to carry out an assessment.

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Our Treesafe expert Aborists

The experts at Treesafe are just that - expert Aborists! They come highly qualified and have been studying and working with trees for many years. All of our work comes highly recommended so that you can expect nothing but the highest standards. If you are a commercial property and you are concerned about fuss or disruption then rest assured. When you work with Treesafe we will arrange a time that is most convenient to you and will work as quickly as possible so that your services can continue uninterrupted.

Is Treesafe for you?

Treesafe is for you if you are responsible for the health and safety of a tree on a piece of land on the Sunshine Coast. Wherever you are based we are able to help. Whatever you need from a full tree removal and transplant to a simple pruning treatment, we are the name to trust so call now for more information.

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