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We’ve provided tree services in South East Queensland for over 20 years. And we are here to help you get the best possible tree care at a fair price.

No job is too big or too small. We offer residential, commercial and government services.

All staff are fully qualified and insured.
Tree services for the Sunshine Coast
Tree Removal Services
Tree Removal Services

Removing trees can be necessary for many reasons. Whatever the reason, maybe it is essential to have a tree removed safely.

It takes great skill and training to safely and competently remove a tree. This is especially the case when a tree needs to be climbed. Having a team that knows how to dismantle a tree without incident is crucial.

A tree must be removed if it is dead, dying or diseased. Making room for a building or extension, solar panels requiring light, removing weed species to re-establish native species, and structural damage being caused by roots. Retaining a tree, there are many reasons why a tree requires removal.

There are so many factors that need to be taken into account when having a tree removed. For the tree owner, this means what the area may look like when the tree is gone, will shade be lost, groundwater changes, erosion will be caused, will ambience be lost, wind protection may change, and coolness changes, to name a few.

To the tree contractor; is the tree safe to climb, or is a cherry picker/crane required? Are limbs over houses, powerlines, valuable gardens or structures? Can the tree be felled? Does the tree need to be removed by rigging sections with ropes, pulleys and lowering devices?

All these factors mentioned above mean having a competent team is vital, and experience in removing all sizes, types & locations of trees is essential. A team you can trust and have confidence in is paramount. Ask for copies of public liability and proof of work cover for the staff before having any work performed. Have a written and signed quote to know the cost without any surprises.

From Palm trees in a yard to 60-metre Eucalypts over a house, we have never had a tree that can’t be removed. There is always a safe and calculated way a tree can be removed.

Tree Pruning Services
Tree Pruning Services

There are various reasons a tree may need to be pruned or trimmed. It may be for weight reduction, pruning for views, solar panels and extra light, pruning of hazardous limbs or perhaps just for aesthetics, to name a few.

Whatever the reason, it is often unknown that there are particular ways trees & branches should be pruned for the benefit of the tree. If branches are simply lopped off, this can encourage epicormic growth or stress growth which is weakly attached and will generally lead to increased maintenance and failure. We have and will prune rosebushes with secateurs to limbs 100 feet up a tree the size of power poles. We have and will also use handsaws and secateurs on large trees if a delicate touch is required or there are specific needs for that tree.

Pruning /trimming also involves shrubs and hedges. We have trimmed hedges from 2 meters long to borders 200 meters long. Again we have the equipment required to prune and shape any wall to the customer’s desire.

Our pruning is to Australian Standards (AS 4373 Pruning of Amenity Trees 2007). This ensures the tree can recover and heal over pruned areas and is much more likeable in appearance. All our staff, from groundskeepers to climbers, are trained and certified in pruning to Australian Standards. This is also reiterated by our team attending training days which can cover basic pruning techniques through to advanced pruning techniques.

There is often specific information that may apply to particular tree species, which is essential to know. This information can be from independent research to government research (DPI, ASIO). Keeping up to date with this information gives us an edge and a keen interest in our staff. Feel free to ask our team any questions about tree pruning /trimming.

Insurance Claim Services
Insurance Claim Services & Storm Damage Clean-up

When you want someone to work on trees at your house, you must ensure they have insurance. If something terrible happens, like someone getting hurt or your property getting damaged, the company will pay for it.

Treesafe Australia has insurance to protect you and us. We also have special insurance for our workers, so they are safe. We have worked with big insurance companies for a long time and have the best tools and vehicles.

If you choose us, you will have experienced professionals working on your trees, and we will give you a free quote. We also provide discounts for pensioners and have insurance for everything we do. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about our insurance. It’s essential to be safe when working on trees, and we can help ensure that.

At Treesafe Australia, we have a wealth of experience providing tree services throughout the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland regions in Queensland. Our team of qualified and skilled professionals consistently provides professional, high-quality, and affordable services. We offer free, no-obligation quotes and pensioner discounts, and we’re fully insured and compliant for all of our tree services.

Whether you need tree pruning or trimming, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance and let our experts care for your tree needs. Trust us to keep you and your property safe.

Stump Removal Services
Stump Removal Services

Stump grinding may be required to remove unwanted obstacles for mowing or to remove food for termites around a house or yard. In the case of grinding for termites, if it is known that there is a termite nest within/under the stump, then it should be treated by a licensed pest controller before grinding. Why? Grinding will create the termites to disperse and locate an alternative nest site/food source; this may be your house! We can organise pest treatments before any grinding to make the process easier.

We have different sizes of machines for various job requirements. If there is poor access (steps only pass through the house or unit etc.), then we have a grinder that can be hand carried. On the opposing end of the scale, we have a machine that can grind enormous stumps. We can perform stump removal for house sites as our large machine will grind out the stump to a depth that goes beyond the rootball size and is generally more affordable than excavation and dumping fees.

Our mid-size stump grinder will fit through a standard 700mm gate. This is an excellent all-around size for a typical residential yard and can get quite close to most structures.

Our plant operators are all qualified to operate the stump grinders, and we have full SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements). We also ensure screens and guards are used to ensure debris doesn’t end up everywhere and provide a safety barrier for people, pets, and property.

Our clean-up is second to none as we rake up, blow off, and ensure the client is happy before leaving the site. Often after a stump is ground out, a mound of soil and mulch is left in its place. This is great for the gardens or, if left as is, will settle over the coming months as the ground has been de-compacted in this area. We can also remove any grindings from the site, backfill the hole with soil and turf the area if required. Just ask, and we can do it.

Arborist Report Services
Arborist Report Services

Our fully qualified Level 5 Arborist can consult, assess, and report on single trees through to larger properties and new developments. With over 20 years of serving The Sunshine Coast, we are trusted to create thorough, useful reports.

Consultancy can involve discussion and inspection on-site, via email or verbal communication. An onsite consultation can be a simple single tree inspection through significant developments, schools and estates.

A consultation will often be the first step to a written report. This can be a single handwritten brief with a detailed description.

Our detailed reports will generally contain tree tables with species and information, pictures, surveys, inspection results, schedule of works and much more. We often perform consultancy and reports for developments to submit to local, state and federal government departments, schools, commercial properties, and parks, to name a few. Tree surveys can also be undertaken on large areas to confirm locations by GPS coordinates and transferred onto site plans.

Consultation and Reports go hand in hand with Tree Health and Safety Assessments. These are often incorporated into reports to determine risk ratings and the overall risk of trees about particular targets.

Risk ratings can be vital to fulfil OH&S requirements for businesses, commercial properties, developments, schools, hospitals etc. Risk ratings can be performed in a basic format or detailed as required. Risk assessments look at the risk a tree poses if the tree or tree part fails and the consequences of that failure on a particular target. A person is the most significant value target; this is where our qualified and experienced consultants can provide sound recommendations on the subject tree(s).

Treesafe Australia’s Consultants perform constant professional development. This comes n the form of training days and seminars, belonging to associations that share training and updates as well as lengthy research, development and on-field experience.

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We offer total tree care solutions, including:

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  • Deadwood removal >

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Our Promise To You

We stand by our trusted reputation of quality and professionalism.

Yes, we have all Certificates of Currency and will happily send you copies if you need them.

Most of our crew have a Cert III in Arboriculture. All have appropriate licenses to operate the machinery and equipment we use.

We also have fully qualified Level 5 Arborists that can consult, assess, and provide compliancy reports if required. 

It is yours. You may keep it. We will leave it in a pile for you.

Sometimes damage does occur when branches fall from heights but we will do our best to prevent this.

No, we do a very good job of making sure the area is left clean.

We review all quotes after 60 days.

Yes, we have level 5 Arborists to do this.

We do our best to make sure everyone understands what works have been agreed upon. If you are not happy we do ask that you tell us (preferable while the crew is there). We aim to exceed your expectations.

We can do this for you for a fee or we can advise you on the process so you can do it yourself.

We require a 50% deposit to book the work. Once the job is completed and you are happy with the outcome, a 7-day invoice will be emailed to you. This can be paid by cash, cheque, or EFT.

Do you have a question?

Give Briana or Bek a call, and they’ll help you make the right decision.


Treesafe Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 33 094 502 182) offers commercial and residential tree care across The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and beyond. The trusted, local service for over 20 years.

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